Todd Whitlock, CEO of The HelpDesk Company came to me for his Personalized Branding Session because he needed a strong image for his book cover. How exciting! His first book is published. It is called “The Complete Small Business Guide to Maximizing Security, Productivity and Profit from your Technology Investment” and you can purchase it on Amazon

Todd has a great sense of humor and is passionate about helping mid to large sized companies leverage their IT resources efficiently and securely. Todd’s personality really came through when we did the various facial expressions. These are expressions he shows when talking with his clients. I totally understand how fairly new entrepreneurs or seasoned entrepreneurs could be so busy growing their business that they fail to check all the boxes on keeping their information technology secure. 

I always make sure we incorporate personal details like Todd’s favorite coffee mug “Life is Good” into his branding session. I believe those little details enhance the viewer’s connection to the subject. Plus it can be an easy conversation starter or a way to find similarities. We included his whiteboard and Todd drew a frowny face, an arrow and then a smiley face to indicate how working with him would change the CEO’s perspective. 

Latoya Brown of Fasionfluential assisted in this Branding session. She met with Todd prior to his portrait session and helped him select his five outfits through a closet review and then going shopping. Latoya was also on set with me to make sure the final details were all in place. Todd wanted a business casual/professional look. One of the outfits Latoya helped Todd select was jeans with his sports coat. This is the look that made the book cover. The jeans bring a certain contemporary edge to Todd’s book cover. 

Shooting for a book cover was a first for me too. It will be neat to see Todd’s book on the shelves. I am sure Todd will do well with it as it is an important marketing strategy to grow his own business. It is thrilling for me to work with entrepreneurs and see how they work so I can grow my own business. 

Credits: Makeup by Holly Beauty Partners | Latoya Brown, Fashionfluential