Vanessa won her personalized portraits from the LB Academy Silent Auction back in September. Vanessa was in for a real treat that I wish all young women could do. She first met with Anetra otherwise known as Nee Chic Styles (  and went shopping at H&M. Anetra helped her pick out her 3 outfits,  and accessories – all from H&M.

Anetra said on her blog: “Vanessa knew what she liked, which is a clean, minimalist look. She does not like anything too ostentatious. I loved that she knew what she liked!

I thought it would be a great idea to visit H&M because they have a variety of different styles for women, men, teens and kids. I felt confident that we would find something(s) that she would like, was/were age appropriate and that fell in line with her style.”

Vanessa was now ready to ‘rock’ her style. When the big day arrived, Makeup by Holly ( did the perfect job of bringing out all of Vanessa’s natural beauty (make sure to check out my before and afters page). I was thrilled how it all came together. Vanessa’s mom and sister also came for support and cheered her on. There was lots of laughter going on. We had a great time. Now Vanessa is considering modeling and I hope she does!


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