I had the good luck of being invited to a Girlfriends Networking luncheon sponsored in part by Morgan Stanley in June. There were supposed to be tables available for people to share their work/business cards. I brought one of my favorite portraits of Mary Foley and my brochure. Turned out, the tables were not set up but as luck would have it, Mary Foley also attended the event. The stars were lining up! Previously, I gave Mary her own personal app with her favorite portraits on it so she can easily show her friends and colleagues. Wendy and Mary ended up sitting next to each other and Mary showed Wendy her app. Wendy approached me and said she was interested in a Personalized Portrait/Branding session. We connected shortly there after and Wendy booked her session for the end of June. Decisive – Love that!

Wendy said she has her headshots taken last fall by another photographer and she was happy with them until she saw my work.  Wendy thought that the other photographer just had a limited subject to work with. Wendy liked that I offered a full one stop service where you get wardrobe consultation, hairstyling and camera ready makeup. Anetra Johnson of NeeChic met with Wendy two weeks ahead of time and helped Wendy pick out 5 outfits complete with the accessories. Wendy was really excited about what she was going to wear because not only did she feel confident but she also discovered new outfits in her closet thanks to Anetra’s talents. 

On the day of Wendy’s portrait session, we went over her words that she wants to convey with her images: Resilient, Strategist, Authentic, Heart for Service, Confident.  She said love and faith are her two highest values. Wendy is a life coach and speaker. She is also in the process of updating her website and she wanted strong images to portray her brand. 

We had a great time during her portrait session. Sasha Evans is my summer intern and he was a huge help moving things and helping set up each story we were telling. I am so proud of the images we created together!

Wendy started talking about Gremlins and asked her to clarify. I thought you would enjoy ready Wendy’s very relatable Facebook post. 

My Gremlin was knocked to the ground yesterday…it took a major hit. Thanks to the transformational experience of working with Kim Brundage Photography, I have a new mental model of myself. That self-image isn’t fat, old, ugly, or any of the other adjectives that a Gremlin likes to use to keep a person safe and small. (Yes, I hear you. None of that is true. So often limiting beliefs, assumptions, interpretations or the Inner Critic aren’t based in truth, are they?)

As many of you know, I am working to build a coaching practice. Part of my efforts to market and network include photos. I feel very vulnerable and exposed when posing. My Gremlin, the ever -present voice of my inner critic, is very active during any photo taking that includes me in front of the camera. Beautiful people surround me yet I don’t usually see the beauty in myself.

Gobsmacked! Utterly astonished and astounded are the perfect words to describe my feelings after I put that Gremlin away and really looked at those photos. I was amazed by what I saw. As I drove away, I realized how many people, experiences, and resources played a role in just that day.

Prior to the actual photo appointment, Anetra Johnson of NeeChic Styles came to my house to take a look at which outfits might work best. She chose things that I love. Many of the items you see in the photos came from Leslie Riesing’s store, Levy’s. I bought those things quite a while ago. One of the dresses came to me by way of Karen Cantor. She generously passed it on after deciding it wasn’t meant to be part of her closet.

The day of the photo session, Kim invited me into her space. She was warm and welcoming. I felt her energy as we connected. I felt safe. Trusting the feeling was a challenge for me. Brittany Williams of Beauty by Brittany, styled my hair and did makeup for the pictures. (Dede Lyle of Today’s Hair has done my hair for almost 20 years. She has listened to me complain about my hair for all of that time.) The time passed quickly, done with mindfulness and intention. I walked out of there with an acknowledgment of their gifts. I had enjoyed the experience.

This particular photo, with my arms outstretched and rose petals falling, represents the many rich experiences I have embraced over the past few years. All of you have played a part in who I am in this moment. I have learned so much from George Mason’s Personal Courage and Transformation Institute, iPEC, the 7 Levels of Energy, and Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. My life is richer for these coaches: Dawna Houston, Tom Atkins, Ebony Smith and Carla Ogunrinde. Sharing these acknowledgements with you allows me to thank you as I validate the contributions that each of you reading this have made to me in your own way.

Truly, I am a woman on the verge….of a new chapter.

If you or a woman you know, want to explore next chapters, read on. I am looking forward co-facilitating a workshop for other women who are on the verge…


You can find Wendy at RVA Massage and Wellness. 

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