We all have dreams. Some dreams get actualized and others seem too big and overwhelming to achieve. I have a secret dream to go hang out with the orcas. I would love to photograph them and commune with them. I’m intimidated by my dream because what if I go all the way out to the ocean and don’t get to be up close to them? What if I spend all that effort and money and my dream doesn’t come true? I’ve lost count how many years I’ve had this dream. I will be putting this blog into play so I can achieve all of my dreams! Biggest, Boldest Dream Chief Instigator, Kathy Eckhardt, explains achieving your dreams. 


It has been said by some very wise teachers that the moment we make a decision, the whole universe conspires to make it happen.

It’s true — the moment we make the decision that “THIS IS IT!  I’M DOING IT” magic things begin to happen. When our intention is set, synchronicities begin to occur, ideas abound, doors open, unexpected opportunities are presented and the right people appear in our path.

But there is also a second part to the equation – it’s US!  We have to do our part. We can’t just sit there wishing and wanting; we have to DO something!  The real success comes when we TAKE ACTION on the ideas, walk through those doors, are open to the opportunities and recognize the people who are sent to help us facilitate our dreams. In other words, as WE begin to move closer toward our dream, our dream moves closer to us.

I have discovered that as long as I keep moving forward I am open to constant inspiration, guidance, and ideas that seem to come out of nowhere.  Little synchronicities, like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs, will keep appearing in my path. When I stop, they stop. When I follow along at a faster pace, I find more and more breadcrumbs to guide me on my way. It’s a magical journey.

But it starts with me.

I have to first know what I want and set the intention. Next, I am willing to do whatever it takes and begin by taking an inspired action, the first step, toward it… even a baby step will do … and then the dream takes a step toward me. It’s like a dance.  Sometimes we move at the same pace, my dream and I, moving toward each other in beautiful, slow motion. But there can also be a lag time before the dream begins to rush in again. This is when I remind myself that what I want, wants me and that it is already created and waiting for me to raise my vibration to the point that I can step up and meet it.



Take fifteen minutes of every day to visualize the condition or circumstance you want to see in your life. See them in your mind’s eye as if they have already happened.  As real as what’s currently around you. In your imagination, what do you see? What do you hear? What’s moving in that picture? What can you smell or touch or taste? Who’s in it? How do you feel in that picture? Include as many sensual details as you can.



Capture the feeling of already having attained that which you desire.  Become a part of it; let it become a part of you. Then do something that moves you toward your dream — something powerful and positive.

What is the ONE most important ACTION you can do TODAY to bring you closer to your dream?  Your Dream-come-true is just that ONE STEP AWAY.


Kathy Eckhardt is an award-winning entrepreneur with over 35 years of success as a powerful Leader in her industry.  Her bold vision and her laser-sharp intuition give her the ability to help her clients reconnect to their deepest longings, catapult their careers and create more fulfilling richer lives.

Kathy is a true powerhouse. Whether working with small groups of two to twenty people or speaking to an audience of thousands, Kathy has the gift of making every person present feel that she can see right into their hearts.  This heart-to-heart connection bypasses hours and hours of traditional coaching so her clients can get on with the business of creating the life of their dreams.

Kathy’s life is proof of what she teaches, that doing what you love will bring the greatest reward, both emotionally and financially.  When asked what drew her into business, Kathy was slow to answer “I had to think about that because the truth is, I never made a decision to go into business. I simply did things that I enjoyed doing which attracted other people who enjoyed doing them too.  I soon discovered that when you love what you are doing you want to do it more and more and so you get good at it and people start wanting to pay you for it and they call that business.”



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